Each and every one of our clients enjoys VIP status!

Regular services

  • Sale of your property or properties
  • Determining a market-compliant sales price
  • Highly professional marketing
  • Comprehensive consultancy in conjunction with construction, conversion and planning questions
  • Property searches

Additional services



Arrange your viewings at ease and with maximum comfort.

  • Limousine transfer for up to 29 people
  • Helicopter transfers to / from the following airports:
    • Geneva
    • Zurich
    • Milan
    • Berne
    • Sion

Note: helicopter flights are dependent on the weather



We look after you

Would you like recommendations for the best hotels and restaurants? We do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible:

  • Accommodation bookings / recommendations
  • Organising transfers
  • Restaurant reservations / recommendations
  • Booking / recommending leisure opportunities in the region


Planung und Beratung

Architecture and interior design

Sometimes properties need a little cosmetic work before they perfectly match your needs and wishes. We are looking forward to advising and supporting you with these aspects.

  • Drawing up architectural concepts
  • Advice and ideas for interior designs
  • Advice in conjunction with construction projects


Savings with new horizons

As a property owner, there are many ways you can make savings. To achieve the best-possible result, we work together with distinguished financial advisors and tax experts. You profit from the following services:

  • Tax consultancy
  • Tax calculation
  • Yield calculations
  • Financial consultancy
  • Mortgage strategies
  • Drawing up business plans (for investors)


We provide security

To answer your legal questions, we work together with top notaries and legal professionals. This network has proven very successful over the years. Our clients are the beneficiaries.

  • Primary and secondary residence questions
  • Acquisition by EU/EFTA citizens
  • Acquisition by citizens of third-party states
  • Statutory building regulations
  • General questions associated with real estate


Profitable negotiations

Negotiations with local authorities call for an effective network and the right interlocutors. We shall be pleased to conduct negotiations on your behalf:

  • Planning applications
  • General construction questions
  • Flat-rate taxation
  • Other matters


Feeling at ease in your new home country

What else does Switzerland offer in addition to fine chocolate, fresh cheese, exclusive luxury watches, precision, punctuality and four national languages?

We show you the practices, customs and traditions of your new place of residence. These can differ substantially from one settlement to the next. Look forward to being positively surprised…

Integration Schule

Expanding your circle of friends

Moving to a new place of residence is not always easy – above all for children.

For this reason, we visit the new school together with you, try out the school walk, and if possible arrange introductions with the future teaching professionals and fellow pupils.

We do our utmost to help your children integrate in the new environment.


Exceeding expectations

Even after you have realised your dream home, we remain available to provide you with help and support.

We endeavour at all times to fulfil your wishes, and even after you have purchased one of our properties continue to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Our comprehensive follow-up support is greatly valued by many of our clients.


Awaiting occupation with peace of mind

You don’t have the time to attend to construction questions?

Working in conjunction with experienced partners, we welcome the opportunity to assume the challenging task of representing you and your interests with architects and building firms:

  • Consultancy during the planning phase
  • Optimisation proposals
  • Negotiations


Targeted marketing

Real estate always needs to be marketed in a targeted manner. Irrespective of whether it is on the market or not. Our marketing department specialises in the real estate sector, and offers you a comprehensive range of services:

  • Detailed sales documentation
  • Brochures
  • 3D visualisations
  • 4D visualisations
  • Videos
  • Professional photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Websites

Please note:
Some of our services require a certain degree of preparation, and for this reason need to be booked in advance. Please ask us which particular services this concerns.