Invest in real estate – it’s always worth it!

Please note: For reasons of discretion, some investment offers do not present themselves in public. For this reason, personal appointments for private viewing need to be arranged. Contact us today, and we will show you a selection of exclusive real estate tailored to suit your particular needs.

Swiss real estate is a dependable investment. It offers interesting returns, and is subject to manageable risks.

Investment volumes according to categories (1-7)
1) CHF 1 million     –   CHF 3 million
2) CHF 3 million    –   CHF 6 million
3) CHF 6 million    –   CHF 10 million
4) CHF 10 million  –   CHF 20 million
4) CHF 10 million  –   CHF 50 million
6) CHF 50 million  –   CHF 100 million
7) from CHF 100 million


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