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We support you with our wealth of experience!

A property purchase is not a spontaneous decision. It draws upon a demanding process of experience and market expertise. Claims can easily entail several hundred thousand Swiss francs. Reason enough to place the sale of your property in professional hands; for there is no room for mistakes in this highly sensitive sector where one’s existence may be at stake.

Our employees work for you on the hard-fought real estate front day in, day out. They establish the basis of trust between sellers and buyers.

A house reflects the personality of its builder and owner. For this reason it’s always worth contacting experts with in-depth knowledge of the market who operate to a very high standard.

As the owners of our own properties, we support you with our wide-ranging wealth of experience.



  • We cultivate a discreet approach.
  • Each individual client is given preferential treatment, and enjoys first-class service.
  • We work together only with the best and most reliable partners.
  • Profit from a network consisting of excellent specialist advisors and experts in the field of property.
  • Our internal marketing department focuses specifically on the property sector.
  • You have access to our in-house planning department.
  • We share our wealth of experience with you.
  • You are advised professionally, transparently and expertly.
  • We strive to fulfil your residential dreams…


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